Getting Hitched

Earlier this year, I can’t really recall when, my partner and I had a big misunderstanding that we ended up not talking for a week. I can’t remember what happened but he decided on his own that we’d get married… Nah, unlike the current hype of having a big production to propose, there wasn’t really a proposal. It was just understood that we’d get married by the time he comes back home. you see, my partner is an OFW and this October he’d be back after being away for 2 years.

At first it was difficult. things were unclear, we had a lot of fights over something petty and misunderstanding too. But I held on, and in a way, I can say he did too. the wedding would be an intimate affair, just family (immediate, that is!) no big celebration. What is important is that we get to have things legalized before he leave again. i have been going online to search on the steps on getting married and boy was it a lot! I don’t know how we can do it in less than a month!

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