When did we grow up

Remember when Life was so simple, that the only things that you don’t like are vegetables and taking afternoon naps? When you feel so happy just running and dancing in the rain with other kids in your neighborhood? When Saturdays meant you can watch the television and wait for cartoons that you are only allowed to watch during that single day in the week? When having a tooth extracted means your Dad would but you ice cream and Mom would not let you do any chores at home? When even lying on the grass and watching the clouds and the stars is an adventure and your imagination simply rules your own world?

Earlier this afternoon, I was listening to my player and I wasn’t listening to my usual playlist, instead, I let the songs play randomly, then, I heard the songs of my childhood; Puff the magic Dragon, Return to Pooh Corner…and i started to sing along, and fiddled with my player to have these two songs played over again. Then I looked back…yah, life was so simple when we were kids. All we have to worry about are eating the food that we like and playing the games we love. When having knees scraped meant that Mom would kiss away the pain, and bumping your head on your beds; headboard means an eruption of laughter from your siblings, and Dad would be there when you need a new dog.

I didn’t notice when things started to change, when I outgrew myself, when i started to think of things that I never thought of before. When a simple yes or no to questions won’t suffice. When things started to get complicated. I used to have everything a girl could want in the world…and it slowly changed… I began to look for things I don’t even understand….

When did we lose our innocence? When do we realize that things are so simple and we aren’t broken… bent, yes…but never broken… scarred .. but still whole…

About wanderingdimple

a wanderer, curious,inquisitive,dreamer,animal-lover,lover,big eater,funny,serious...80's baby...
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