Old Fried

Went out with you earlier… it has been years since we got together. I admit, I was apprehensive, and worried at the same time, not knowing if you have forgiven mo for what I did. You were not just my lover, you were also my friend and confidant, you took care of me and you pampered me. I do love you, and I still love you, you know that; but not the kind of love that you want me to give to you.

I never regret having had the chance for me to be loved buy you, my only regret was realizing that what was between us is not the love I crave for,the love I wanted.

Thanks for listening to me earlier, for letting me tell you the story of my leaving. I admire you and respect you. And if only things had been different , I would choose to stay by your side….

About wanderingdimple

a wanderer, curious,inquisitive,dreamer,animal-lover,lover,big eater,funny,serious...80's baby...
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