On liking and being liked….

I’ve always wanted to be liked by everyone I’ve worked with. Only to realize that it isn’t possible. No one can please everyone, and I’ve made my peace with that.It can be quite difficult when you are young and idealistic though. But as I have matured, I realized that it is also true that no matter how hard I try , there would be people that I can’t bring myself to like.
I’m having fun in my new job, but, sadly there would always be people that I can’t avoid to interact with and I don’t like them, why? Because they have these so called “SUPERIORITY COMPLEX”. They would treat other people like they treat mindless people, they’d answer question you ask in a condescending manner. Just short of saying “Are you stupid or something?” And I don’t like it.. because for me, everybody is equal, it just happens that everyone has a different pacew of grasping things…

About wanderingdimple

a wanderer, curious,inquisitive,dreamer,animal-lover,lover,big eater,funny,serious...80's baby...
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