Today is Wednesday, probably this will be a turning point day for me. I am currently working or rather trained for a company that is handling Web hosting services, it is highly technical, really, and I enjoy it. I also enjoy working with my trainers and training mates. It was difficult but fun

The past month, I got a feedback from a company that I really wanna work for, with a position that I am aiming for. And it is really tearing me up inside right now, with the current company I am with is fun but the thing is it is not financially rewarding but it stimulates the mind. It seems like I was back at school and I’m learning a lot. But, with the new offer that I’m given, it gives me the chance to move higher in the career I choose, as well as financial stability. Now my mind and my heart is really messed up….

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a wanderer, curious,inquisitive,dreamer,animal-lover,lover,big eater,funny,serious...80's baby...
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